AboveWater can help you

AboveWater can help you:
  • Research public opinion
  • Foster alliances with the news media
  • Pave the way for the sale of new products or services
  • Communicate with target audiences
  • Manage a crisis
  • Protect or create an image
  • Open doors to new opportunities
  • Improve the bottom line
... and at all times keep your head above water!


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AboveWater Public Relations and Marketing, LLC. is an established full-service agency with offices in Naples, St. Petersburg, and Tampa, FL.  AboveWater brings decades of experience and success stories to the table, providing professional marketing and public relations consulting services to our clients across a wide a variety of industries, helping large and small businesses achieve their marketing communication goals. We can help you develop your key messages and target audience, writing press releases, feature stories, speeches, on-line and print newsletters, brochure copy, scripts for video, radio and television, public service announcements, media alerts, ad copy, op-editorials, photo captions, annual reports, ghost-written columns and social media text.

With so many places to spend marketing dollars today, it’s easy to get distracted from your primary goal. How do you decide what to do and how to get the most from what you choose? You need a plan that focuses your marketing and keeps your investment from being spread too thin.

Call today for a free analysis of your current marketing plan. Or ask us to draft a new one for you.

We have developed a network of professional writers, photographers, graphic artists, and researchers to provide industry-specific services. PR firms across the country who need a Florida-based agency rely on AboveWater.

Image: Public relations work with AboveWater, PR and Marketing firm in Naples and St. Petersburg FL Image: Public relations work with AboveWater, Public Relations and Marketing firm in Naples and St. Petersburg FL
Image: Rusty Bucket AboveWater client, Public Relations and Marketing firm in Naples and St. Petersburg FL Image: Car image, Public Relations and Marketing firm in Naples and St. Petersburg FL

What's New?

In Media Interviews, Always Have Three Key Messages

The biggest error most companies make during interviews with reporters is they go into full-on defensive mode. Big mistake! Instead of vowing to “survive” the interview with a minimum of damage, convince yourself it’s your job is to convey your own three messages. (And, when you accomplish this, congratulate yourself on your success.) So, why only three messages? […]


Make a Connection Via Media Contact Lists

Message delivery is an essential part of any public relations or publicity program. After all, what is the point of crafting messages and drafting press releases if they do not reach the intended audience? To help ensure a message successfully connects with the intended audience, one must begin by developing a specifically tailored media contact […]



AboveWater Senior VP Mary Jane Kolassa had the brilliant idea of sharing a series of How To articles on our blog. An award-winning publicist with numerous media contacts throughout the world, Mary Jane understands the value of relationships with travel writers and editors. THAT’s what yields the free editorial coverage and millions of impressions AboveWater gets for […]


Non-Profits Need To Market

The team at AboveWater Public Relations and Marketing is proud of our success increasing awareness, funds, and members for Friends of the Library of Collier County. Most important was to ensure that the non-profit achieved a return on their investment in marketing dollars. It was no easy task to prove our need to “spend” money […]


A Must See: Ave Maria University Annunciation Sculpture

A couple of months after the unveiling, members of AboveWater Public Relations staff members are still seeing media clippings from all over the world as people discover the incredible sculpture of The Virgin Mary on the face of the Ave Maria Oratory at Ave Maria University(AMU). We are honored to have had the chance to […]