Help Solve the Medical Mystery of Sudden Infant Death

Imagine the horror of finding your sleeping baby is actually dead. Sudden infant death takes the lives of about 4,000 infants yearly in the US. The American SIDS Institute, a 501(c)3 established in 1983, works with researchers world-wide to better understand and prevent these sleep-related deaths.

These infants likely have an arousal-from-sleep deficit so that when they get into an airway-compromised situation, like face into pillow or blanket, they do not awaken and move around like normal babies. Research is needed to understand brain abnormalities that can lead to these deaths. Getting funds to complete the last leg of the research is a struggle.

In the meantime, parents should place their infants on their backs in uncluttered cribs and avoid sleeping with infants in adult beds and sofas.

Your help is urgently needed to fund research, Tax deductible donations can be sent to American SIDS institute, 528 Raven Way, Naples, FL 34110. Or go to (Tax ID, 58-1516306.)

A fundraising and awareness event is being held April 8 at 5:30 pm at Carl’s Patio in North Naples. For further information call 239-431-5425.